Partners and Integrations

LabArchives is always looking for more integration partners. We look for companies who produce research workflow applications our customers use.  Many integrations are listed here. If you are interested in becoming an integration partner, please complete this form and we will reach out to you.

API access for enterprise customers.

Learning management system for educational intruction.

Global leader in publication support & language services.

Curriculum solutions and content for lab courses.

Easy and organized lab inventory tracking and ordering.

Accessible and shareable online files – Excel.

Free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journals.

Academic integrity solution designed to deter plagiarism.

Australia’s leading identity broker for online resources.

Secure cloud file storage, sharing and collaboration.

Easy-to-use software for flow cytometry data analysis.

High quality, sustainable and affordable chemistry tools.

 Single Sign On (SSO) access for Windows systems.

Learning management system for educational instruction.

Open Science platform for publishing and collaboration.

40,000+ journal templates for formating and publishing.

Microsoft’s reliable and scalable identity service.

Learning management system for educational instruction.

Accessible, online files – Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

 Single Sign On (SSO) solutions for seamless global collaboration.

Accessible and shareable online files – Word.

Secure identity management and Single Sign On (SSO).

Open source, Single Sign On (SSO) software.

Single Sign On (SSO) access for online resources.

Open access, peer reviewed scientific journals.

Persistent identifier (DOI) library for research data.

Analysis and graphing solutions for scientific research.

Computing across dozens of programming languages

Accessible and shareable online files – PowerPoint.

High quality, low cost, peer reviewed textbooks.

Software for documenting and vizualizing molecuar biology data.

Classroom solutions including hands-on experiments.

To become a LabArchives integration partner, drop us a line below.


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