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Join our Support Team for a 30 minute training to learn how LabArchives can amplify and support your work. 

In these training sessions you will learn:

  • How to set up the platform for your purposes.
  • How to leverage platform tools for improved outcomes.
  • Why LabArchives is the most used, most loved platform of its kind.

ELN for Research

An introduction of the benefits that LabArchives offers researchers and how it can easily be integrated into your research workflow.

Making a Transition to ELN for Commercial Teams

This interactive session will cover tips for a successful adoption to LabArchives ELN for your commercial team and learn about our integrations with popular services and custom workflows.

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Inventory for your Lab

An introduction of the benefits that LabArchives Inventory offers researchers by streamlining the organization, tracking,
and ordering of lab inventory.

Scheduler for your Lab

An introduction of the benefits that LabArchives Scheduler offers researchers with a simply powerful scheduling solution for any lab or research organization.

Leverage LabArchives ELN in your Lab Courses

This session will cover your needs to use LabArchives ELN as a digital lab notebook:
– Integrate your STEM material to LabArchives for Introductory and/or Upper-level courses
– Organize and create templates
– Manage your course and students
– Facilitate grading and provide feedback
– Access repository of 500+ OER labs & eBooks at no cost

LabArchives ELN for Education Consultation

This is a live 30-minute interactive session to address your questions about LabArchives ELN for use in lab courses.

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