LabArchives adds LabArchives Inventory to Data Management Suite

Today LabArchives announced the addition of LabArchives Inventory to their online suite of collaborative, secure and intuitive data management tools.

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Today LabArchives announced the addition of LabArchives Inventory to their online suite of collaborative, secure and intuitive data management tools. This new product supports inventory organization and tracking of laboratory consumables, samples and ordered supplies. LabArchives Inventory also connects with LabArchives Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), which is used by more than 450,000 researchers worldwide. LabArchives Inventory is now available on all of LabArchives cloud sites (US, Australia, UK/EU).

LabArchives Inventory is fully customizable for any lab, in any scientific discipline and in any area of inquiry. Its organizational capabilities save time and money and reinforce data reproducibility. Lab managers and researchers can quickly add custom inventory types and storage locations based on what is used in their lab and where it is stored. It is easy to import & export existing inventories in LabArchives Inventory making the startup process very quick. LabArchives Inventory includes various Barcode and QR code scanning and printing options.

LabArchives Inventory provides lab members with a comprehensive view of materials’ location, usage and supply. The search function makes it easy to find specific items needed for an experiment and to view their usage histories. LabArchives Inventory simplifies communication to reduce order and request duplication, failed experiments due to lack (or expiration) of materials.

In addition to providing lab members with item location and usage data, LabArchives Inventory provides order workflow which tracks requests, approvals, orders and receipts. This real-time order status enables better experiment planning.

LabArchives Inventory also provides administrative oversight. Customizable administrative controls include stock thresholds, expiration date notifications and rules for order requests.

Together, LabArchives Inventory and LabArchives ELN offer a comprehensive and effective data management solution. Every item in LabArchives Inventory has a usage history attached to it which includes information on materials used as well as personnel, location and time/date of use. When linked to relevant documentation within LabArchives ELN, this immutable and valuable data lays a strong foundation for reproducibility. Learn more here.

About LabArchives LabArchives is a SaaS application provider dedicated to better science. Used in research labs and higher education laboratory courses, LabArchives products are used by more than 450,000 scientists and professors to store, publish, and organize research data and to, schedule, track, and organize laboratory supplies and personnel. More than 450 of the world’s leading research institutions trust LabArchives for research data management, collection and research compliance.

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