An immediate opportunity exists to use CARES/HEERF funding before it is lost

Some academic institutions have used their CARES Act funding to license LabArchives ELN for Education using the category above

 License LabArchives ELN for Education to prepare for whatever the future may bring… by supporting distance learning, student equity as well as in-person courses.

Key Benefits of Enterprise license

Benefits for Lab instructors & students

  • Ideal for both distance learning & in-person courses
  • Equity – Access via mobile phones, laptops & tablets
  • Integrates with LMS & other scientific tools
  • Multi-disciplinary – used in all STEM fields/courses
  • Proven tool with simple roll-out & great support
  • Shown to accelerate ELN adoption in Research labs
  • Enhances course engagement AND integrates with LMS
  • Flexible – perfect for distance learning AND in-person courses
  • Proven with 1,000+ student intro- & small upper-level courses
  • Serves as “ePortfolio” of each student’s work in all STEM labs
  • Proven to improve student outcomes
  • Reduces student fees – serving as lab notebook & manual
  • Better prepares students by using leading, real world-lab tool

It is super easy and takes only minutes to get started!

Use your existing course content or ours — we provide 500+ OER labs ready for you to use… It’s as easy as drag and drop. Customize any part then invite students via the LabArchives link or your LMS. Edit at any time, save students manual fees and do what you do best – teach!

Instructors create a course, then invite students via LabArchives.

    • 1  Build Your Course Content
    • 2  Add Course Details
    • 3  Distribute to Students


Includes 500+ OER labs, protocols & eBooks – for online, in-person & hybrid courses

Included in LabArchives ELN for Education is Lab Builder: a curated collection of 500+ lab experiments, protocols, course-packs, and OpenStax textbooks to support your course – whether in-person, online or hybrid. Every item includes teaching points, time to complete, author & copyright details, recommended resources such as videos, presentations, notes and more.

Instructors can use all or any part of the labs, protocols, textbooks or full semester course-packs. Each can be easily customized to fit their specific needs.

Watch it in action…

Thousands of the world’s best educational institutions already use LabArchives. From chemistry 101 courses with thousands of students to small upper level classes, instructors, students and TAs use LabArchives because it’s so convenient.

Watch it in action…

Thousands of the world’s best educational institutions already use LabArchives. From chemistry 101 courses with hundreds of students to small upper level classes, instructors, students and TAs use LabArchives because it’s so convenient.


What is a LabArchives ELN?

LabArchives is the world’s leading Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) with 600,000+ scientists and 80,000+ students using the LabArchives platform in 2021 to document their lab work.

What is LabArchives ELN for Education?

LabArchives ELN for Education is based on the ELN for Research yet adds a suite of course management tools to support modern lab instruction – whether in person, hybrid or remote.  LabArchives integrates with many scientific software (eg. GraphPad Prism, SnapGene, Vernier Logger Pro, etc.) as well as Canvas, Blackboard & Moodle in order to enhance LMS for science instruction.  In addition it has proven to be an excellent ePublishing tool for lab manuals helping to reduce student lab fees.

What are the costs and how can CARES funding help?

The standard fee for LabArchives ELN for Education is $20 / student / course – which can be paid for by students online or the department – with special pricing available for institutional licenses.  Since 2021, however, institutions have applied CARES Act Institutional funding to provide LabArchives ELN centrally and allow any STEM lab instructors and students to use it at no cost.   The service protects continuity during COVID times by supporting distance learning and equity.

What types of courses use LabArchives Education?

Since 2013 LabArchives has been used in large intro-level lab courses (with 700+ students) as well as small upper-level lab & design courses.   Disciplines include Biology, Chemistry, Physics as well as Engineering and Anthropology.  Instructors have access to the Lab Builder notebook which contains 500+ OER curated labs experiments and eBooks for them to use and modify at no cost.  Join a demo or schedule a call below to see how LabArchives can support your program.  

You have questions, and we have answers. Check our full list of Education FAQs here.

“We could not have pivoted so quickly or easily without LabArchives.  Not only because it gave students an electronic place to put their work, but we were able to dig up multiple data sets from previous quarter’s students to provide current students with realistic data.”

Dr. Kim Edwards, Professor of Teaching, General Chemistry, UC – Irvine

“LabArchives has been absolutely clutch in my online class. I absolutely needed it to make my online course happen.”


Wendy Riggs, Biology Instructor, College of the Redwoods

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