Greater volumes of data are generated than ever before with expanding technologies that create large amounts of data.
ROAR has approximately 400 users on their campus as the University purchased a LabArchives ELN license for all research and teaching staff.
When Alana Hamilton joined the Flow Core Facility in the Institute of Infection, Immunity, and Inflammation at the University of Glasgow, she assumed the responsibility of billing for instrument use.
While they have very different roles, Courtney Kearney and Marcello Canuto both straddle the divide between hard sciences and humanities in their work at Tulane University.
Trino Ascencio-Ibanez, Professor and Researcher in the Biochemistry Department at NC State University, is part of a consortium that studies Cassava Mosaic Disease (CMD)
Eva Chan, bioinformatician at Garvan Institute of Medical Research, is an ace at making sense of the massive genomic data sets her research group works with.
Debby Silver’s lab at Duke University uses a two pronged approach to better understand how the brain forms.
Maria Dennis, a research analyst in the Permar Lab at Duke University Medical School, is developing vaccines that prevent the spread of HIV from mother to child during the perinatal period.
Veterinary Parasitologist, Shona Chandra, is finishing up her PhD at the University of Sydney. You are likely familiar with her chosen subjects: ticks.
Chemical Kitchen, an entry level course at Imperial College London, teaches students good laboratory practice through a simple and accessible activity – cooking.
One LabArchives instructor has designed a data generator that helps to ensure experimental design and independent analysis remain at the core of STEM courses even when students aren’t on campus.
Gareth Denyer, Professor of Biochemical Education at The University of Sydney, has designed a lab exercise that shows students how ethics, scientific integrity and the human element come into play in the lab.

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