We are growing fast at LabArchives and we are very excited to announce the addition of two new people to our global team. Our main offices are located in Carlsbad, CA and the D.C. metropolitan area, but LabArchives team members can be found scattered throughout the states and abroad. Spread across at least nine time zones at any one time we don’t get to work together in person everyday but we keep things moving with video calls, emails and virtual water cooler chat like our NCAA March Madness bracket pool (the east coast LabArchives team performed very well last year).

Meet our newest members!

Chris Vander Groef

Where are you from? I am from a small town in Northern New Jersey called Bloomingdale.

Where do you live now? I currently live in Morristown, NJ – about 30 miles from NYC.

What LabArchives office are you based out of or do you work remotely? I am working remotely.  I actually rent an office in town – so I can get out of the house.

First job? The first job I ever had was a paper route when I was 13 years old.  I delivered a paper called The Suburban Trends – which I believe still exists.

My first job, after college, was at a company called Frontier Communication – I was a sales rep selling to small and midsize businesses in Hudson County, NJ.  It was all cold calling and it was very hard. To say that that was where I learned how to deal with rejection would be an understatement.

What were you up to before joining the LabArchives team? I was working for ProQuest – which is a content and technology company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I was selling to Universities in the Northeast.

How’d you find LabArchives? I worked with Ron Parisi and Matt Dunie at CSA (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts) before that company merged with ProQuest in 2008.  I’ve kept in touch with both of them for the past 10 years so I was very familiar with LabArchives.

What’s your role at LabArchives? Northeast Regional Sales – for the Research Division.

What are you excited about in this new role? Meeting new people, learning new things, going to Carlsbad, working with Ron and Matt again. 

Last trip you took for fun? This summer I went on a Baltic Cruise with my entire family – wife, kids and parents.  We flew to Denmark and then sailed to Russia, Finland, Estonia and two places in Sweden.  It was incredible.

Any pets? We have a dog named Lucky.  She was a rescue dog and we were told they found her in a dumpster in Georgia which means someone threw her away in the garbage and now she is Lucky to be living a life of leisure in NJ .

Heath Carr

Where are you from? I was born in Sacramento, California, but I grew up in a pretty small town called St. George in southern Utah.

Where do you live now? At the moment I’m back in St. George.

What LA office are you based out of or do you work remotely? I work remotely.

First job? My first job was working as an electrician part time during high school.

What were you up to before joining the LabArchives team? Before LabArchives I was in Tokyo studying, teaching English and eating great food.

How’d you find LabArchives? I can’t remember exactly how, but I stumbled onto the website and saw some openings for a position that I was interested in.

What’s your role at LabArchives? I’m working as a programmer, and right now I’m working on the application UI.

What are you excited about in this new role? I’m excited to be growing my skills while working on an application that contributes to knowledge and education.

Last trip you took for fun? Before coming back to the U.S. from Japan I spent about a week in northern Thailand. I went biking through some mountains, visited some temples and ate lots of really good food.

Where are you working from today? Today I’m working remotely from my home in Utah.

We’re excited to have added two more talented and interesting people to our team! But we aren’t done yet. Do you or someone you know want to join a fast paced, dynamic team? Check out our open roles here